RASP From CyberGRC – Active Protection at Runtime

What is RASP (Realtime Application Self Protection)?

Active Monitoring Without the Weight

CyberGRC’s RASP solution protects applications down to the socket level – reducing your threat surface to nearly zero.  Applications monitor & protect themselves eliminating the need for time consuming human interaction.

  • Real-Time, deterministic detection and self-protection.
  • Effortless deployment – no changes required in existing security infrastructure.
  • Real-Time Security Visualization & Compliance.

Why Do You Need RASP?

It Takes a Hacker to Stop a Hacker

Our White Hat team tests (and breaks) many of the ‘security’ tools that popular in the corporate IT world.  Through internal and external testing, our RASP product has yet to lose a byte of data – even as the stand-alone security product.

It’s that good.  

We’ve stopped every imaginable attack from around the globe – and we’re willing to show you our test data to prove it.

How Do You Get RASP?

CyberGRC will show you how to finally secure your data – not just your perimeter or DMZ. With RASP, CryberGRC can help you with:

  • Reducing your threat surface area to nearly zero.
  • Applications protect themselves with zero human intervention required.
  • Security strategy that can be the same in private, hybrid and public clouds.
  • Runtime Security and Forensics for audit, compliance, & analytics.
  • Auto discover 100% of current applications for validation & policy application (No shadow IT).
  • Reduce your spend on unnecessary point products or MPLS connections with private IP’s.
  • Get immediate ROI & the ongoing support needed to manage the product.

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