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Cyber GRC

Managed Security Services Provider

CyberGRC’s managed services product isn’t like most other offers you’ve seen in the marketplace. First of all, we feel that if our customer wants to learn how to do what we do in our managed service, we’ll create a plan for your IT/Security Team so we can train ourselves out of a job. Second, the services we offer clients under management are only services we know will either stop one of our pen testers in their tracks, identify their presence early, keep them from any meaningful data to steal, or bring much-needed efficiency to the growing job of operations. This experience is how we derive our Zero Trust Model and how we can be so confident in our service. The majority of the people on our services team are white hat hackers. Who better to protect your data than a hacker for the good guys?

We are white hat hacking experts providing full life-cycle coverage for cyber defense.

The Zero Trust Model

The Zero Trust Model (fully managed) assumes a bad actor has gotten through your perimeter/DMZ and is now has sanctioned access to your core services. Further, we assume the hacker was able to establish persistent connections out to their network of attack servers that looks like fully sanctioned traffic and have free reign to move about undetected. We also assume that all tools deployed like Next-Gen Anti-Virus or the Next-Gen Firewall have failed. In other words, we assume the worst case scenario and help you plan accordingly.

The Zero Trust Model is flexible enough to use pieces of it where applicable. It is capable of adapting to your existing security strategy.


Utilizing a third party with the skills and tools to monitor and manage a strategy that will tip the scales in your favor is a new way of thinking. When you have the tools and team to force a bad actor to reveal themselves at each layer of your network, you have essentially put the cost of creating a breach back onto the bad actors’ side of the fence.

For more information on the Zero Trust Model, contact us for information on how we can install our tools and monitor your network for the specific area’s of vulnerability to the a bad actors behavior and habits.