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Cyber GRC

Are you protecting your IoT Networks?

Have your network closets and rack systems evolved to handle attacks by hackers looking to compromise and egress data through them?

Consider This:

  • Rack monitoring systems have identical vulnerabilities and characteristics as the device that is statistically hacked the most; security cameras.
  • IoT devices have been leveraged in past attacks, such as the Mirai botnet attack against Dyn (a DNS provider)
  • Rack monitoring systems are invaluable for the data they provide for their remote locations
  • The sensors and alarm systems in rack networks are highly insecure by default
  • Sometimes, a thorough reconfiguration is not enough to secure these devices

Industrial Guardian secures these devices as an in-line firewall between your IIoT devices and the router.

At CyberGRC, we take a different approach to securing you rack networks. By using Industrial Guardian, we effectively eliminate all access to your insecure IIoT devices.

  • Newly Patented Firewall Technology: By using a patented approach, Industrial Guardian essentially takes all devices offline and only communicates to send heartbeat information, important data, or alarms. Otherwise, it remains in a shutdown state.
  • Secure SNMP Gateway: Industrial Guardian is designed to securely re-transmit any SNMP data over a secured protocol.
  • Intelligent Analytics Platform: This platform intelligently builds data trends to eliminate the potential for alert storms or nuisance alarms. This way, if there is an important alarm, it will no longer be ignored in a sea of other alarms.
  • Scalable Cloud Platform: With the Industrial Guardian cloud platform, alarm data no longer needs to be sent to a local server to view important data. This enables Administrators to use a single solution instead of having fragmented solutions across their remote environments.