It’s time to transform how you manage cybersecurity risk!

CyberGRC will give your company the ability to assess cyber risk with complete accuracy. With this capability you will not only be able to harden and tune your cyber defenses, you’ll also receive the operational and financial agility required to compete in the heavily regulated world in which we operate. We will work with your IT, finance, and compliance teams to implement this technology at your need level. You should expect results from working with us within the first two weeks, not months or years.

We no longer believe the answer to reducing cyber risk is to increase the budget and accept a security posture with 40 plus different products. Operating a corporation on an assumption-based cyber strategy that comes with large quantities of risk which have never been accurately calculated, force companies into a reactive and external view of cybersecurity and compliance. For the first time ever, you have a choice in this matter.

There’s a better way to defend your company.

Increasing cash and human resources which are almost impossible to hire isn’t the answer, using automated tools to increase your risk visibility by 95% is. The benefits of increasing cyber risk visibility are transformational. You will add accuracy to your financial statements related to cyber risk and track your improvements over time. You will enable your teams to operate with the agility necessary to grow while navigating the moving target of audit and compliance. It is now possible to increase your security posture, produce accurate financials with risk properly stated, and reduce cost. All of this is done with automated tools that return assessments in near real time with complete accuracy.

The one risk we do have a good handle on is the cost of a breach averaging somewhere around $20M to $30M. For the larger enterprise, this estimate should be ten times that number or more. We know that plaintiff disclosure costs can reach up to $50.00 per record which doesn’t include a federal compliance penalty or the cost to mitigate the breach and return to normal operation. You no longer need to live with this risk. We believe, by working together and using our tools, we can reduce your exposure by 90% or more.

Our customers receive:

  • End to end cybersecurity visibility with complete accuracy aligned with your ERM framework
  • A common language available to the entire organization enabling an agile response to change
  • Automated tools that safely run a hacker’s toolset to ensure you get and stay secure
  • Predictable cybersecurity spend year after year with little to no wasted dollars
  • The ability to identify and mitigate risk in near real-time on a predictable automated basis
  • A reporting package that allows all stakeholders to be involved and informed as necessary

Give us a call and schedule your demo; you will be amazed at the ability this strategy has to eliminate risk across your organization.

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