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Cyber GRC

An Umbrella Solution to Cover Your Entire Network

Today’s enterprise architecture is highly complex, made up of a variety of products from vendors that are typically designed as point products or standalone solutions.  These vendors tend to have a myopic view of security that puts the task of creating a cohesive cyber defense strategy squarely in the lap of the IT organization.

The common theme we face today is one of concern.  Is my network compliant, secure, and can I trust my vendors who I share my customer information with?  Is my company name the next to be broadcast all over the media due to a breach where the bad actors were in the network for over 250 days? (National Average)

Networks will continue to increase in size and complexity.  IoT is the next frontier of breach opportunities and many companies we talk with are asking us to secure deployed devices today. Cyber security starts at the planning stage – close the attack loop before it starts.  With CyberGRC, build a security plan that covers the risks of today and can grow to anticipate the risks of tomorrow.

Our Leadership Team

CyberGRC was founded by industry leading security experts within the Information Security (InfoSec) community.

Joe Quenneville
Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Mr. Quenneville is integral to the management, growth and overall health of our business. He brings 20 years of experience in the industry with the leadership and team building. This guides the CyberGRC strategy of creating and sharing next-generation security solutions with our customers and the community. Mr. Quenneville has worked in leadership roles with both public and private companies serving customer needs in a variety of technology sectors. His direct experience in the carrier space where he gained an understanding of the overall network and supporting large multi-national corporations to leadership roles in hardware and software start-ups, Mr. Quenneville has been shaped by serving customers and people. His expertise in the marketplace gives the clear direction for our company which is “If it’s not secure, we don’t do it” which keeps us on track for our customers and employees. Mr. Quenneville has set the course for CyberGRC to significantly impact the security and business operations for our customers and theirs. As the global threat to networks, company data, employees, customers and our futures continues to grow, under his direction CyberGRC will continue to deliver secure solutions that protect our communities.
Ben Huey
Chief Security Officer
Benjamin Huey has a deep background in security, with extensive wireless and unified communications experience spanning across numerous verticals including government, Fortune 500, education, retail, financial services, and healthcare. The foundation of Mr. Huey's experience was built in the white-hat ethical hacking community, giving him and extremely diverse background in security, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and governing compliance's such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI. With a 20+ year background, Benjamin has designed, implemented, deployed, and maintained numerous large-scale wireless infrastructures encompassing a wide array of vendor platforms. Benjamin incorporates the depth of his experience and his strong passion for teaching to deliver powerful demonstrations members of the business community on methods of establishing a secure network environment. Mr. Huey currently serves as Chief Security Officer of Dieko Corporation, a professional services firm that provides consulting services to the Cyber Security Information Assurance sector. Areas of expertise include: Penetration testing, systems vulnerability and infrastructure analysis, formal risk assessment, risk mitigation and remediation, systems security planning, infrastructure development and deployment, client documentation, security testing and evaluation planning, disaster recovery and continuity of operations planning.