Breached companies have an 87% chance of going out of business within 24 months! Who is protecting you and are they up to the task of protecting the value of your company, your employees, and your customers?

CyberGRC – An Ally Protecting Your Net Worth

The odds of avoiding a full-scale breach are not in your favor. Bad actors only have to be right once — your company’s security team and the products they use have to be right 100% of the time. If you are not already concerned, you should be:

  • 8 months is the average time hackers are in your network undetected
  • The average cost of a breach response is over $5M
  • The average cost of a quality security strategy is significantly less
  • The defense perimeter is now the entire internet, not just your network
  • Some parts and pieces of your network are built with security vulnerabilities
  • GRC penalties can now be higher than the cost of a breach
  • Many companies are now competing for the best security talent

Companies face different considerations when developing a security and compliance strategy.  CyberGRC will assess your strategy and current posture using established, compliance-ready assessments.  We’ll supplement what you already have in place to further build, train, and grow your team’s success.

  • It’s common we find customers doing some things well and others not
  • We often find that after an assessment, we reduce risk at no additional cost
  • Create an end to end compliance strategy by region, line of business, or application

We find most customers employ a risky “Internal and Reactive” approach to both security and compliance.  We will help you make the shift to an “External and Proactive” posture.

  • Using a set of low cost – high value tools, we’ll help you grow from a reactive strategy to a proactive strategy
  • Reduce or eliminate common risk intersections hackers use to access your network
  • We will assess your current cyber insurance strategies to make sure it actually pays in the event of a breach

Who Is CyberGRC?

CyberGRC is a team of cyber security and compliance experts whose missions are supporting your team, keeping your data safe, and keeping your company’s name out of the press. Our team comprises white hat hackers, cyber security analysts, and engineers. This broad perspective enables us to uniquely defend our customers from hackers who want to do harm.

Our focus is supporting our customers from the Board Room down to the furthest endpoint. Our systematic approach enables our customers to reduce wasted time, save money, and cut through internal politics that can ultimately lead to a breach. Not only are these results immediately beneficial, but they are often repeatable and will improve current processes and workflows.

About Us

Our Customers

We meet our customers at their need level. There is no “one size fits all” cyber security strategy.

Nobody wants to get hacked – but if it happens – we want to help you put a end-to-end plan in place to ensure business and revenue disruption are minimal.

CyberGRC’s solutions protect your data after the perimeter security fails and help keep your company’s name out of the press.

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